5th Valencia Basket “Effort Trophy” introduced

  • 1st vote, after the game vs Real Madrid (Sunday 28, 18:00h)

This morning the fifth edition of the “Effort Trophy” has been presented in an act that has taken place in the Fonteta press conference room which was atended by all the full Valencia Basket roster. Taronja fans can choose the player who made the biggest effort in every game through their votes on the Valencia Basket website. First chance to vote, after the game against Real Madrid (Sunday 28, 18:00h).


The design of the Effort Trophy remains unchanged: a 3D representation of five Valencia Basket players hands (Guillem Vives, Antoine Diot, Justin Hamilton, Luke Sikma and Jordi Trias) and one hand of a Taronja fan to be chosen on a Social Media contest. The trophy leave a free space, for a the hand of a taronja fan who wins a contest on the Social Media. The winning fan will receive a memory for life at the end of the season, a smaller replica of the Trophy.