One Team V, Week II: Recognizing Cáritas


The second week of the fifth edition of the One Team arrived and it was with the presence of the shirts for the players. In addition, this training helped us to know the work of Cáritas Valencia, an association that supports Valencia Basket for this new project, focused on the Proyecto Hiedra.


Rosa Ribes coordinates Proyecto Hiedra by Cáritas Valencia, and talking about the association, “Cáritas Valencia has a wide variety of programs and works in different fields, children's family programs, employment, support for the homeless, housing and prostitution, immigrants, refugees and in addition to these programs there are foundations such as Proyecto Hombre”.


About the association labour, “the main vocation is always the accompaniment, the aid to the people to whom the public institutions do not arrive, to accompany the people who need it”.


How can you adapt that to basketball? “It continues to promote our own values that we transmit in other interventions, such as fellowship, teamwork, respect, tolerance, unity, effort, go hand in hand with the activities we carry out in the project. Sport reinforces, motivates, stimulates and is very positive for their self-esteem. Contributes totally”


This Project has 10 practices, starting now, and finishing on February. We want youngsters to live positive experiences and healthy habits to be able to transfer them on scholarship or in their working experiences. Valencia Basket players Sam Van Rossom and Luke Sikma will take part on practices as ambassadors.