Valencia Basket Club, S.A.D. Stockholders Meeting approves the 2015-16 season accounts


This morning, the Stockholders Annual Meeting of Valencia Basket Club SAD has been held in the Fuente de San Luis pavilion. The event was chaired by Vicente Solá, president of the club Taronja, accompanied by the vice president and CEO Paco Raga and the director of administration Esteban Gallego.


In the first place, with 71,73% of the stocks represented, the economic results of last season were reported and approved, with a total Club budget of 12,747,000 euros. This item has been offset by operating income and the contributions of the highest patron.


It is reported that the Club maintains a continuation line, started seven seasons ago, so it presents and is approved a budget for the 2016-17 season of 12,809,000 euros for the Club's total.


The budget will be compensated with the income coming from the main contribution of the patron, sponsors, ticket offices, season tickets and advertising among other concepts.