One Team V, Week VII: From nothing to everything, & with you


In the seventh session of the fifth edition of the One Team, it is time to get acquainted with the basketball that unites friendship and values, we know the story of Juliana and María José, who does not like basketball, And thanks to the atmosphere of the Ivy Project and the One Team, now they wait for him to arrive every Thursday to contribute their bit of sand in the basketball.


Not everyone has to fall in love with basketball at first sight, "the first day I came, I was scared a lot because I hadn't played basketball in my life," says María José. In Juliana's case, it goes even further, "when I played the first time, I fell trying to throw the ball, and I did not like it anymore, I didn't want to be back. But now I love it ".


Everything changed with the Ivy Project and the One Team. Another way to approach the basket, and they did connecting from day one. "I didn't know anyone at first, and it was also her first year, so we started to be friends," recalls Juliana, "she's always by my side, she never surrenders, even if she doing good or not." Maria Jose. "She has supported me a lot, and when I threw and did not make the bucket, she told me that little by little things would come out," replies María José. They became a team.


And from there on, to enjoy. "Here we make a great team, we can play together", recognizes Juliana looking at all his companions. Maria Jose agrees, "we thought it was going to be all serious, formal and strict, and it's not, it is an unforgettable adventure, there are no words to describe it, I would come every day to play, because it motivates me."


This Project has 10 practices, starting now, and finishing on February. We want youngsters to live positive experiences and healthy habits to be able to transfer them on scholarship or in their working experiences. Valencia Basket players Sam Van Rossom and Luke Sikma will take part on practices as ambassadors.