International Women's Day will light the #CalderaTaronja with a huge globotà


On March 8, various events will have their meeting point in the Fonteta. The big game at 8:45 pm before Khimki will have the support of two other events that will help create a climate of animation to match. The International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8, and the proximity of the Fallas, will help in the animation.


Pink Globotà in the presentation

Those attending the meeting will find in their seats one of the eight thousand pink balloons that will be distributed throughout the pavilion. After the presentation of the equipment, the speaker of the Fonteta will ask the public to inflate the balloons and prepare to explode them coinciding with the moment in which the initial quintet is prepared to jump to the track to start the match. A way of bringing together the feast of the Fallas, which already appears on the horizon, with this celebration that commemorates the struggle of women for their participation, in equality with man, in society and in their full development as a person.


Tickets for sale

Valencia Basket has sold tickets for the third and final game of the quarterfinals of the 7DAYS EuroCup that will face the Taronja team with the Khimki Moscow Region on Wednesday 8 March at 20:45 hours. The localities are for sale from a price of 15 euros.