Pierre Oriola: "Baskonia is strong at home, but I expect a very close series”


Valencia Basket center Pierre Oriola has pointed out after the last training practice prior to moving to Vitoria to start the semifinals with the game 1 (Tuesday 30, 20:30, Fernando Buesa Arena, Movistar Deportes 1) that the orange squad face "a team that is again making a great season, have been the second best team of the Regular Season. They are a very physical team that at home and with their fans take the games always ahead even if the matches have become difficult. They are the rival that we have top lay against and to reach the final and to have options to be able to win a title you have to win the best teams in competition. It's a team that is playing Euroleague, a Top Team, and I'm sure it's going to be a very close Playoff"