Pedro Martínez: "We had faith in the win"


Valencia Basket coach Pedro Martínez, said after the victory of his team in the Endesa League semifinals game 1 that "has been a game in which we have had faith in the win and we have done what Manel Comas names the tactic of the rabbit in a brutal manner. Throughout the match from behind and get ahead almost when the other team has had no option. It is an important victory, I think Baskonia at many times has been better than us and has played with more consistency but very good deeds of Fernando, of Luke Sikma in defense, Dubljevic or Joan Sastre and much gritting his teeth have been able to return to the party and turn it over. We have to be happy but with both feet on the ground because Baskonia has shown that it is a great team and obviously the series continues very difficult for both".