Rafa Martínez: “I’m proud to reach my tenth season in Valencia Basket”


Tearing down statistical walls to enlarge his legend as a taronja has almost become a routine for Rafa Martinez. The captain is the player who has won the most titles with Valencia Basket in the 30 (for 31) years of the entity. He was in the photo of the EuroCup 2010 and 2014 and also in the Endesa League 2017. He is the highest scorer in the history of the Club, with 5,000 points as a stone thrower (or six triples to be exact). Rafa is the player with the most games in Europe, the best 3-point scorer both in the Spanish League and in Europe, the best assistant in European competitions... And we could continue.


When Monday was first put under the orders of Txus Vidorreta began his tenth season with Valencia Basket. He became the second player in the history of the entity to put the double digits in the box of seasons played as taronja. His companion in this select club, another eternal captain like Victor Luengo, contemplates from his office of the Fonteta as the stratospheric difference with the others in the number of games played with Valencia Basket has been reduced to 120 with Rafa Martínez. A little more than two months after raising with Sam Van Rossom the first Valencia Basket ACB League tittle, Rafa Martínez continues to rewrite the history of the Club in his personal pages.


The captain smiles when asked about his decade in Valencia, the one that started when in the 2008-09 season he left Manresa to come here. Nine years, beginning of the tenth season. Rafa Martínez feels "proud to be part of this Club, this family, so many years. It's not easy at all. I am very happy to be able to continue and enjoy a very special season again"