Defined the staff of the women's Valencia Basket


The team led by Rubén Burgos has completed his coaching staff with a new season in Liga Femenina 2.


At the arrival of the new coach is added the incorporation of Marcos Santos Alija as coach assistant. Marcos, 31, comes from the León Basketball Foundation (EBA). Previously, she completed her training at Ros Casares and gained experience in CD Zamarat (Liga Femenina 1) and Liga 1 on Sweden.


In the physical section, Pau Alcácer has been chosen as the physical trainer (34 years, 10 seasons in Valencia Basket) and Josep Galán as a physiotherapist (34 years, 10 seasons in Valencia Basket), both with experience in the First Team and lower categories of Valencia Basket. The position of delegate will be played by Andreas Farakos, (28 years, 5 seasons in Valencia Basket) with experience as coach in the lower categories of the club.


Head coach: Rubén Burgos

Assistant coach: Marcos Santos Alija

Physical trainer: Pau Alcácer

Physiotherapist: Josep Galán

Delegate: Andreas Farakos