Vidorreta: “We must improve when we do not have control of the game”


The coach taronja appeared after the game to comment that "it is a defeat for us, we could not compete from minute 25. We left very well, defending running, pulling, with good percentages, but at the beginning of the second quarter we had problems for stop 1 against 1 against Nando de Colo. Our reaction was good, to arrive with options to rest. In the third quarter, we lost the rebound, as in Kurbanov's play, and we disappeared from the game. "


On the bassoon of the second part, "it is the first time this season, after 15 games, that we lost by more than 10 points, and we were not prepared for this kind of situations. And we have to improve in that when we do not have control of the game, we need to fight, defend better, take rebounds, because if we do not, teams like CSKA destroy you. "