Vidorreta: "Our competitive instinct has given us the win in the last quarter"


Valencia Basket coach Txus Vidorreta said after winning in Bilbao that "there has been a moment of danger in the third quarter in which they have taken seven points of advantage and even in readiness to be more, but we have reacted very well because the team although the gear is still assuming the arrival of new players without many workouts has a huge competitive instinct. And once again in the last quarter we have seen the best Valencia Basket, which we have already seen in some moments of the end of the game in Tenerife, in Murcia, to win a match that could have won either team. In the last quarter we have handled the rhythms very well, taking advantage of the quality of players and men we have been out as Fernando San Emeterio or Joan Sastre who have joined Green or Vives to give us a short advantage that could have been decisive if Todorovic does not score that three pointer arriving”