The Valencian Team will count on l'Alqueria del Basket again


As usual, many players of l'Alqueria del Basket will be part of a new concentration of the best players in the community. The Basketball Federation of the Valencia Community has announced its next two calls and up to 17 players from the Valencia Basket Club quarry will have the opportunity to participate in them.


Infantil: Diego Cebrián, Pablo Navarro, Pablo Luengo, Miguel González, Melkamu Del Rey, Hugo Baeza, Óscar Puig, Lucas Marí y Alex Codoñer.


Cadete: Artur Aranega, Guillem Ferrando, Jaime Palamós, Alejandro Bellver, David Lavado, Alejandro Ruiz, Iván Cubero y Luís Martínez.