Vidorreta: "We have to keep calm and improve in areas where we are already having an impact"


The coach taronja wanted to "congratulate Movistar Estudiantes for this victory, they have raised a game out their pivots outside, that logically to us, with large pivots has generated difficulties, although we could control it at the beginning. Between Suton and Brown they have thrown 18 triples. To control the situation we had to cut the rotation a lot and that cut has been key since we have not been able to control the defensive rhythm in the last quarter, and we have repeated a trend that is that when we have an advantage, a bad attack, a failure and the opponent returns to the game and we have not spent fouls, although we have repeated that we should do it. This and the short rotation I think has been key to this tough league Endesa and tough Euroleague, we cost our health. "


Asked if he should choose between two demanding competitions, "we have to be at our best in both competitions. Today protecting ourselves a little more we would have won the game. We are with 8-3 well placed, and in the TA Euroleague, with the health we are, we are playing against the best in Europe. We must remain calm and improve in the areas in which we are working. We are not being able to react. "