Txus Vidorreta: “The problems of Pleiss and Vives have made us lose options”


The coach taronja appeared after the game to, "first, congratulate Real Madrid for his victory. We started offensively with good success, the approach to take out Tavares has gone well, we have interpreted it well but defensively we have been white, conceding 11 baskets in game the opponent without us reaching a bonus and without them throwing more than a free throw that it has failed. As I think we interpreted the attack well with quality we were alive despite the losses ".

The coach continued commenting that "our best minutes have been in that 2Q, improving defensively, only with 6 baskets received and keeping it until the middle of 3Q, a game away, with the loss due to injury of Vives we have lost options even though we have arrived alive at latest. In the last one we tried to keep ourselves operative, but Real Madrid broke it in the end. In the last minutes, with problems today such as Tibor and Guillem, we were less concerned with protecting the result than giving rest for Thursday's game. "