San Antonio Spurs falls in love with l'Alqueria del Basket


The scouting team of NBA San Antonio Spurs visited the facilities of l'Alqueria del Basket and enjoyed the endless possibilities offered by the largest basketball quarry in Europe.

As it happened before with the Brooklyn Nets at the hands of Danko Cvjeticanin or with the Philadelphia 76ers and Marin Sedlacek, the scouts of the American team were surprised by the infrastructure and organization of it.

George Felton, Director of the College Player Personnel, Claudio Crippa, Director of International Scouting and Andy Birdsong, Director of Pro Player Personnel, were the representatives of the San Antonio team that visited the facilities. When they finished, they wanted to express their opinion.

"It's fantastic. I have not seen a training program like this all over the world. Seeing the 8 interior rooms divided into two parts, medical rooms, conference rooms, places where parents can enjoy the development of their children ... It is a great facility and a great opportunity not only for Valencia, but for the whole country "said Felton .

"I'm really impressed. I have been to many cities in Europe and have never seen a sports complex like this. It is a pride and an honor for Valencia Basket and for the city. There is a very special atmosphere, they have coaches, trainers, a great structure and the first team to see and dream of reaching their level. That must be a great motivation" explained Crippa.

"I grew up in New York and I had to play on concrete. Having such facilities from an early age to start is something very special. An opportunity for everyone to learn" concluded Felton.

L'Alqueria del Basket has left behind the European barrier to become a reference also beyond our continent.