Txus Vidorreta: "Opportunity to stop a very negative streak"


The coach taronja commented in the preview that "mathematics is already difficult. We know that we have 13 games and 3 wins. We must not face the matches as if it were a final, as it has not gone well, we must face them more with a dynamic like a very complicated game against a team that plays very good basketball, we have an opportunity to stop a very negative streak. That this happens to be solid defensively in some defensive aspects in which we are not being good since Guillem Vives has played 2 months and since we have the absence of Joan Sastre, and collectively we must learn to compete suffering, something very important. Surely if we get it, there will be space to enjoy in such a long Euroleague". The coach confirmed Vives' absence, "I do not have him for tonight."