Vidorreta: "We must keep working, we did it on Friday and also today"


The coach taronja appeared after the game to comment that "the team has left very plugged, with good defensive pace, reading well the main situations of the attack and scoring 34 points I hope allowing 2-3 minutes of easy touchdown of them. In the second one, but we have granted simple points and we have blocked ourselves when looking for only one focus ".

The analysis continued, "in the third we played with fluency, with success in the triple, opening big differences that has been decisive in the last quarter that has allowed us to give more rest to some players and have some caution with Green, who said I wanted to play but we were careful and it was time to give the kids minutes. "

On the dynamics, "before Panathinaikos we talked that 2017 was the best year in the history of Valencia Basket and mine, but that life is hard and that it was getting complicated all November and December, and this shows us that we must continue working, we did it on Friday and also today, and we won with solvency. "