Valencia Basket and Movistar look for the face of the second #NinotTaronja in the Fallas of 2018


Valencia Basket and Movistar team up again to realize the dream of many taronja fans who share their passion with the enjoyment of the Fallas, intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. For the second time, Valencia Basket is looking for an amateur, who is going to put his face to a special ninot of Valencia Basket, in the Telephone Fault of Movistar, located on Calle Marqués de Sotelo in Valencia.


The ninot will be a figure that will carry the Valencia Basket kit, and the face of the contestant who wins. And who is that amateur going to be? We explain it to you


Show that you want to be

Until Wednesday February 15 at 12 noon, we open the deadline to participate in the contest. To do this, you must upload a tweet with a photo to your Twitter account, with the following requirements:


• To participate in this contest you must be of legal age.

• In the tweet you must use the hashtag #NinotTaronja

• The tweet must have a photograph in which you leave with a Valencia Basket garment, be it a scarf, a T-shirt, warm clothes ... etc

• The twitter account that emits the tweet must be open for the correct visualization, and in it must be specified the person who participates, which will correspond to your photograph.

• Only one tweet will be accepted for each user / participant.


Who wins the contest?

After the deadline, Valencia Basket will choose the 5 finalist tits of the contest, assessing the originality of the texts and the photographs presented. The same 5 finalists of the contest will be made public the same Wednesday, February 15 at 2:00 p.m.


Once the finalists of the contest are known, the same Wednesday February 15 will be chosen by lot, through the application of Easypromos, which of the five finalists will be the taronja fan who will put his face to the ninth of Valencia Basket, starting a whole process for him creative that will take you to be the special protagonist of a great party.


Will you be the one to face the #NinotTaronja in the next Fallas of the city of Valencia?