Txus Vidorreta: “Important victory to get to the Cup well and to maintain the second position"


he coach taronja wanted, "first of all congratulate San Pablo Burgos for this magnificent atmosphere that is enjoyed in the Coliseum, this city deserved to be in ACB before and I hope you can continue like this for many years in ACB. San Pablo has controlled the first quarter, we had no defensive fluidity and no decision on some advantages. We have corrected it in the second quarter and we have maintained it towards the end except for some one-for-one actions. There we had individual success and a lot of control of where we had the advantages, an important victory to get in good shape to the Cup and to maintain the second position ".

Asked about the casualties, "we have this template for the Cup, it's our 12 players and it's difficult to have last minute surprises, the times with Vives and Latavious do not lead us to be optimistic before March. These will be our 12 and we arrived in good time, we have recovered Dubi, Fernando, Sergi will go in and we are in good condition to compete at the highest level ".