Vidorreta: “We played better, but not enough to take the game”


The coach taronja commented after the game that "congratulations to Olympiacos for their victory. We started cold, without defending the 1 to 1, without using fouls, without playing hard. They got 11 advantage, but from that moment we did better work to return to the game, but 2 losses at the last minute made us get 1 down to the break. "

Continuing with his analysis, "in the third, we started better than at the beginning, and we had a reaction after the first 5 minutes to score, run, defend and to get adjusted to the last 2 minutes. At this moment, there are two plays, the attack on Sergi and the 3 shots of Spanoulis, doubtful, and in the end Spanoulis solved it. We play better here than other teams these last 3 weeks, but not enough to win the game. "