Last edition of the season of the Bankia Charity Three, with more than 30,000 euros for our coaches


The break between the third and the last quarter of the Endesa League round 27 game between Valencia Basket and Baskonia will be the stage to host the fourth and final edition of the fourth season of Bankia's 'Charity Three’. And to commemorate that the amount of 30,000 euros that the bank will donate for the education of our youth teams coaches has already been exceeded so far this season, the shooters from the center of the field will have a very special support. When the final horn of the third quarter sounds, a large group of coaches who have benefited from this financial contribution of Bankia for their education will go to the center of the track. And two of them will add their efforts to the other four shooters to continue increasing the number of triples scored from the half-court line, which are six after the first three editions of Bankia's ‘Charity Three’.