Tinara Moore: "I fell in love with the Valencia Basket project"


The American player is going to start her first European adventure and she is convinced that she has made the right decision. The Valencia Basket project, objectives, sensations before starting... we know a little better the new center of Valencia Basket.


Why Valencia Basket?

I had Murriel Page as coach and she told us about the time she spent in Valencia, I know it's a different organization than when she was there, but more people think the same. Esteban Albert was her coach, and she told me that he is very professional and that she trusted him a lot. When I had the offer I checked all this, and then I absolutely fell in love with the project, the team and the city. That's why I made the decision. Because the future project of Valencia Basket is very good, and everyone, including coaches, have told me great things about the club.


How do you feel before debuting in Europe?

I am very excited, very nervous, but very excited. I think I'll enjoy learning the culture and making it my second home. They will be many different things to the US but I am willing to learn and have a new vision of the world.


What do you think of the Valencia Basket project?

I think it's a perfect place for me to grow, so that we can do it together. Everything I have heard is positive. In addition people have told me that it is a medium-long term project, which aims to compete from the first day. And being part of a big project like this is a responsibility but at the same time an incentive.


How do you define yourself as a player?

It can be said that I am a calm player at times, but I do the work harshly and when the team needs energy, I always help to get it.

Which should be the goal of Valencia Basket?

We have to win and compete, but at the same time have fun. Obviously winning is fun and everyone wants to win, but it does not make sense if you do not have fun on the way to achieve it. I think that must be our goal. Get to win and have fun at the same time.


What would you say to the fans ahead of next season?

I tell the fans that we are going to fight to make them enjoy each match, that is clear. It would be great if this year we would achieve a greater atmosphere than last year, because I am convinced that with their effort we will achieve success. Have the same environment as with the boys. I think that women's basketball is a great sport and together we will achieve it.