The Larry O'Brien Trophy will be exhibited at L'Alqueria del Basket


The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that the Larry O'Brien Trophy of the champion of the competition will visit Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia between July 25 and August 3. During their stay in the country will be enabled different moments of public exhibition so that all the fans of the country can meet the trophy of NBA champion.

During his stay in Valencia, the Trophy will be displayed in L'Alqueria del Basket, so that all those interested can see it in the largest baseball facility on the continent. The calendar that follows the trophy is the following:



25 - July Telefónica FlagShip Store (Gran Vía 28) 10am a 9pm



28 - 29 July NBA Café Barcelona (Las Ramblas 120)  12.30pm to 11pm



2nd August: L’Alqueria del Basket (Carrer del Bomber Ramon Duart, s/n) de 12pm a 8pm


In addition, exclusive sessions will be organized for members of the NBA Fan Club. More information at: The NBA Fan Club of NBA Spain is the amateur loyalty initiative of NBA Spain pioneer in Europe.


Larry O'Brien Trophy

The Larry O'Brien trophy is awarded to the winner of the NBA Finals. The trophy was designed by Tiffany & Co. and presented in partnership on May 16, 1977. From 1977 to 1984 it was named World Championship Trophy. It was renamed in honor of Larry O'Brien (third commissioner of the NBA 1975-1984) when the commissioner David Stern arrived at the position in 1984.

The Larry O'Brien trophy replaced the Walter A. Brown trophy, which went from champion to champion (similar to the Stanley Cup). Brown, one of the founders of the NBA, was the owner of the Boston Celtics.

The trophy measures 62.2 cm high (24.5 inches) and weighs 7.2 kg (16 pounds). Represents a basketball moving on a hoop and basket segment. The basketball represented in the trophy has the regulatory size of 22.8 cm (9 inches) in diameter. The trophy is completely handmade in sterling silver and, subsequently, set in 24 carat gold. Each year, two highly skilled artisans from Tiffany & Co. - a spinner and a silversmith in Parsippany's workshop in N.J. - they work for approximately 80 hours in the trophy.

After the final game of the NBA Finals the trophy is awarded to the owner (s) of the winning team as well as to the staff members. Later the trophy returns to the Tiffany workshops where the craftsmen engrave the trophy with the name of the winning team and restore it to its original condition.

The Portland Trail Blazers were the first winners of the new trophy after the 1976-77 season. The Los Angeles Lakers have 10 trophies Larry O'Brien, the Chicago Bulls, six, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs, four, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, three; Houston Rockets, two; Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle SuperSonics, Washington Wizards (then Bullets) and Cleveland Cavaliers, one.