Ponsarnau: "We must be ready for a very tough game vs. Monbus Obradoiro"


Valencia Basket coach Jaume Ponsarnau said before the round 4 Endesa League game on the court of Monbus Obradoiro (Sunday 14, 17:00h, Fontes do Sar, Movistar Deportes 1) that the team reaches the third consecutive away game "a bit tired for so much travel and want to play always with the maximum demand and not with all the health of the world. But we are convinced and responsible that this game is coming, that the competition has taken place as well and the adversities have also occurred and the team is super committed. We know that Monbus Obradoiro is a very difficult opponent, and on their court, so we are all very aware of the demand of the match. We play against the most tactically gifted team in the Endesa League, and endowed with very good judgment. We must be ready for a very tough game, in which it is very important to understand the game the 40 minutes”