Valencia Basket and “Mamás en acción” start the seventh One Team project


The seventh edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility program led and promoted by Euroleague Basketball has already started, with the first training at the facilities of L'Alqueria del Basket. In this seventh project of Valencia Basket in "One Team" use the practice of basketball as a vehicle to promote welfare and social inclusion. The Club taronja will work this time with "Mamás en Acción", with the aim of encouraging those children who do not have the closeness of their families, children who are protected by the local government and reside in centers and children's homes qualified for it,


In this first session, a working group formed by 10 young people, have met their coaches: Paco Pardo, Pepe Casares and Juanjo Rojo. And they have had a first approach to the methodology of the 'One Team' sessions, a program that they will develop until mid-March. As in the previous six seasons, the project will once again have the sponsorship of the Obra Social "La Caixa".


Víctor Luengo, Team Manager of Valencia Basket for the One Team Project, said that "the One Team Project is very important for us, we have been hosing it for six years, and it’s our 7th project, we have been involved since the beginning, and this year with "Mamás en Acción", NGO base don helping guys, we’ll try to get this Project off the ground together".


It will be the second project to be carried out in L'Alqueria del Basket "where we can do a great job, it’s going to be everyone’s home, specially about basketball, and of course about this kind of projects, whicha are so meaningful for us and the sociaty" he explained.


Ten sessions, a goal

This project "One Team VII" has planned ten training sessions that will take place on Tuesdays from tomorrow, November 6 in the afternoon until the month of January. With them, participants are expected to live positive experiences and develop healthy habits of personal improvement that can be transferred to the school or work environment. All this through the learning of the basic concepts of a collective sport such as basketball, which will help participants to know the values ​​of sacrifice and responsibility that derive from organized exercise, use sport as a formula for personal development and direct their steps so that they can find in the practice of any sport activity a way to grow as people


Mamás en acción

In Mamás en Acción become, always in an altruistic way, in moms and dads for a few hours of those children who do not have the closeness of their families, children who are protected by the local government and reside in centers and children's homes enabled for it. , with the objective that these children receive the love and attention that a person of their age requires.


They lend our work to institutions, organizations and associations (parishes, hospitals, NGOs, public centers, schools ...) so that they indicate who can need Moms in Action and dedicating their time to caring for, caring for and giving love to these children. For this reason they always collaborate under the approval of the institutions and the supervision of the professionals and psychologists of these entities. They also carry out different activities both for collecting basic products for these children and their families, and for other actions that get the smiles of all of them.