Ponsarnau: "We have won it from the only place that was possible, from defense”


The coach taronja valued the shock "we started very badly and Unciaja very well. They have made the proposal to play at home with the fives, and we have done badly for not finding advantages with Will Thomas, they have charged him with fouls. The rhythm and intensity were his, the environment has helped and all the sensations were his. They have found the inspiration of Jaime Fernández that has been a headache, and we have finished fixing it with the defense of Guillem Vives who has defended both him and Boatright very well. This has given us the confidence to compete in the only way we could do it, from the defense. Our success is those 24 points embedded in the second half on a thick day in attack. In the end, we played smart, inside, with confidence of our interiors, and we ended up deciding the game there. We have had moments of Tobey, defensa by Guillem, shots by     Matt and thus the victory has arrived"