Aaron Doornekamp: “We must practice to return just as well as after the previous windows”


The taronja forward talks about the club's news in this week of break and windows. The windows themselves, what's left of your season and your personal performance, topics to be discussed.

How do you face the windows?

We have to use these two weeks to have good workouts, adjust what we are doing wrong and improve. We must return as we did after the previous break. We are lucky to only lose two players with the national team, we have many here, and during the year we do not have that much time during the week. Now we can improve, we can also work individually, so windows can help us.

After a great first phase, how prepared is the team for the final stretch of the 7Days Eurocup?

It is clear that for the 7Days Eurocup it will be good to be able to play more games at home with our fans, better, we are delighted with this possibility, but in the end I'm going to have to win games, the other teams are not going to come here thinking that They can win. We prefer to play them here, but there are still many good teams to play against, starting with Rytas Vilnius who are playing well, they just won the Lithuanian Cup winning Zalgiris. It's okay, but if you do not win it does not mean that much.

How do you rate your current moment?

I think at the beginning it was difficult for everyone, we had quite a few new players, people who needed adaptation, but I think that little by little we have adapted to the roles, everyone knows what to do, and this has also happened to me. Now I am more comfortable, I think I can play much better, but I think we are playing better, controlling the game ... but if we do not win this does not matter, it does not matter if I play more, or if I play less, if I do not play and win we would be happy too .