Ponsarnau: "The final defenses allowed us to win"


Taronja coach said after the game, "Very well, concentrated, inspired by attack, in defense we have found a way to be consistent and solid, in the second quarter we have continued inspired in attack but not in defense, the team has failed in some situation. We came out of the dressing room a little better, we were confidently offensive and defensively better, but several of them have entered the game with confidence, and in the last quarter, when we seemed to have to unbalance, we have not been well. We have won because the last shot and the last three defenses have failed, Collapse, we have not understood the tone of the game, we have not been clairvoyant, and we have insisted on what we had to insist. we had to redirect to anomalous situations, nobody has had the freshness to make us play anything else. "