Ponsarnau: "We think we are playing and competing well"


Coach taronja commented after the game that "we started the game very well, with a lot of perimeter mobility, taking advantage of the ability to open the field and the duel that is happening Real Madrid. They have been stimulated, we have lost balls as a result of their defense and our success has dropped. We started well the third one but they found the way to play, making damage in the corners and found extra pass, and there we found doubts. In the end we found the way to play well again and the overall difference is that they have thrown 1-14 shots more thanks to losses and some more rebound, the only differential factor. "


On the moment of the team, "we have the feeling that we are playing well and competing well, today we have done it in the home of one of the best teams in Europe and this gives us confidence, but we already know that we will have Unicaja in front of us and that goes to be a different story in which we are going to have to give the maximum "