Guillem Ferrando and Marc García, with Spain Sub18


The two taronja bases are placed under coach Javier Zamora to prepare the Eurobasket Sub18 of Greece to be held in Valos from July 27 to August 4.

Both are part of a list of 15 players from which the 12 will finally play the tournament. In the case of Guillem Ferrando, he goes to the appointment being a year younger than the age limit, as Sub 17.

Spain will concentrate in Logroño on July 2, where it will play a preparation tournament from July 12 to 14, before traveling to the Greek city of Volos to play a second preliminary tournament between July 22 and 24.

Spain awaits the Czech Republic, France and Israel for the first phase of the Eurobasket.


Millán Jiménez, low due to injury

The outside taronja will lose concentration due to a last-minute injury, which has prevented him from being part of the combined.

In addition, Vicente Sebastiá has been summoned as a doctor with the U15 team that will play the Friendship Tournament.