Valencia Basket players choose their numbers for the 2019-20 season


The numbers of the first women's team of Valencia Basket are already known for the 2019-20 season. The players who continue from the last season repeat number. The new captain Anna Gomez will wear #4 again, supported by Irene Garí who repeats with #6 and María Pina who will wear #17 again. Marina Lizarazu may debut this season with her number #9. Tamara Abalde will continue with #11, Rebeca Cotano maintains #12 and the same goes for Meiya Tirera who will wear #13. Also the last to arrive, Joy Adams, keeps her number # 24. 

Some of the new additions opt for a change in their usual numbers and others maintain the one that has brought them good luck in their last seasons. Queralt Casas has opted for 10, a dorsal that is already usual in his career, as was seen last year in the Euroleague and this summer with the Spanish team. Meanwhile, Leticia Romero changes the 3 that looked in Prague for #20 for this season. The Belgian interior Jana Raman, has chosen #42 for her first adventure as a taronja, while Julia Reisingerová will premiere in Valencia with the #44 that already looked when she was named MVP of the final of the Dia League.

Finally, Lorena Segura, who last year became the first taronja youth player to be included in the Mur dels Somnis after debuting against Araski, will repeat with #5. At his side another youth player could also have the opportunity, like Laura Campos, who will take #7.