Ndour: “Just can’t wait to play in front of the #FamiliaTaronja, love the energy in Fonteta”


One day after finishing his participation in the FIBA World Cup, Maurice Ndour is already in Valencia to join the group of our men's team. Asked about his motivations to choose the Valencia Basket option, the Senegalese power forward reveals that “I know Valencia is a great organization, one of the best in Europe and Spain. Just that alone make me feel really comfortable coming in here. I haven’t been here and they show me a lot of love. That shows a lot about the Company and how great they are. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to play in the orange and blue. Definitely I remember the crowd, they are amazing. The fans really are a Familia Taronja (Orange Family). I just can’t wait to play in front of the crowd. I love the energy in Fonteta”.