Ponsarnau: "We had to play smart to close the game"


The coach commented that “we have started the game very serious and aware of the respect we should have for the rival. For their excellent offensive level of some individuals and for the cohesion and defensive plan that they have demonstrated and have suffered. We have defended Whittington well as the first objective, also finding fluency in attack and success. We have found consistency despite some bad time, which has hurt, we have again found solidity with 2 bases. We had to play smart, and at that time we have done it, the fruit of Guillem Vives and Quino Colom, who has to help us in this. We have defended well until the end ”.

About Quino Colom and the discards, “we are in a process in which we are trying to convince everyone. And getting it can depend on making a good season. We must learn to play with 14, although sometimes it costs us. ”