Ponsarnau: "Everyone has been engaged in defense"


The coach Taronja commented that, “I think that at the beginning, despite the adverse score, we were positive, especially our defense, they have found points in some mistake but we were learning to play against a team with a lot of talent and tactics. Suddenly a positive moment has appeared in which we have had a career and we have had triples, a novelty of the last matches, and we have but a positive difference. Bassas has assumed responsibility, not defending well, but then we have found a moment with triples that has given us an advantage that has led us to rest with good defensive feelings, 29 points against a team that attacks well, with a lot of talent. ”

On the second part, “we did not have everyone with confidence but we were all engaged in defense, we have not let McFadden, Benite into the game and that has given us confidence. In the second year there has been a very positive moment with Ndour in the field that at the defensive level has been very important, and on top he has had points and we have solved the game ”.