Rubén Burgos: "The balance of 10-2 is to be satisfied"


The coach analyzed the game: “Zaragoza has presented itself as we expected, as a team with three  points success, brave and that today especially strong keep up theirselves with options until the last quarter. We had mistakes, probably due to fatigue or lack of concentration, so we have not opened a gap. They have scored easy points after attacks, I remember not so many quarters with more than 15 or 16 points received, and today 19 and 21, so our level of concentration was not optimal. We have solved it with good readings, advantages inside, where Julia has been punishing. In such a close match, so different ranking means that there are things we have done well, we are happy for the victory but we have work this weekend, the balance of 10-2 is to be satisfied, we want to take advantage of these days to grow. Now, they are all worried about Leti, there is very good relationship between our players in the locker room" he said.