Valencia Basket and the María Auxiliadora Foundation begin the eighth One Team program


The eighth edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility program led and promoted by Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball has already come to light, with the first practice at the facilities of L’Alqueria del Basket. In this eighth project of Valencia Basket in "One Team" the practice of basketball will be used as a vehicle to promote social inclusion. The Taronja Club will work this time with “María Auxiliadora Foundation”, with the aim of encouraging those children who are at risk and/or social exclusion


In this first session, a work group of 14 young people met their coaches: Paco Pardo, Pepe Casares and Juanjo Rojo. And they had a first approach to the methodology of the ‘One Team’ sessions, a program that they will develop until January. As in the previous seven seasons, the project will again be sponsored by Obra Social "La Caixa".


Víctor Luengo, Team Basket Manager of Valencia Basket for the One Team Project, joined the first session to explain that “We are happy to start a new One Team program, we have been doing it for 8 years, and we are pioneers with this kind of programs They came with desire, they have broken the ice so fast, our trainers Paco and Pepe always make the first sessions very friendly for them. María Auxiliadora is a foundation that has many social programs, we chose this group of kids and they will enjoy basketball and their values in a very special way for sure”.


Inma Mora, Director of the Foundation Day Center, valued the illusion with which her pupils initiated the activity. “For them it is a dream to be here. We work with them through sport that is a good activity to work values, social skills and the relationship between them. And the most important thing, get out of the routine, get to know a different environment and learn other things. On the way here they were talking about what it would be, and when they arrived they were very happy. Their faces as they entered… they are delighted” she said.


Maria Auxiliadora Foundation

Promoted by the daughters of María Auxiliadora (Salesianas), its fundamental mission is to respond to the socio-educational needs of children, teenagers, youth and women at risk and/or social exclusion. The Foundation tries to respond, through all the projects and services it carries out, to the needs of the groups in a situation of exclusion and to help transform our society into a more fair and more humane world. The goal is that all the people who participate in the project feel welcomed, valued and protagonists of their own growth process. Through this, social projects for inclusion, promotion and social and labor insertion are promoted.


Ten sessions, one goal

This project "One Team VIII" has planned ten training sessions that will take place on Fridays from November 8 in the afternoon until January. With them, the participants live positive experiences and develop healthy habits of self-improvement that can be transferred to the school or work environment. All this through learning the basics of a collective sport such as basketball, which will help participants to know the values of sacrifice and responsibility that derive from organized exercise, use sport as a formula for personal development and make them take the steps towards that they can find in the practice of any sport activity a way to grow as people.