Ponsarnau: "There has been accuracy, but first there has been energy, and more players give it"


Coach Taronja commented that “hard game, played against a hard team that knew us a lot. We had many problems in our static attack in the first part, and even without being able to control the rebound and without rebounds you cannot run. With the dynamic attack we have found options and inspirations, in the first little inspiration ”.

Following the analysis, “in the second we have improved activity and rebound, and even our offensive rebound, and thanks to this we have changed the game a bit. In the latter, our efficiency in the triple decided the match. ”

About the time of the squad, “we have reached this week of games at a time when we had more players, despite Sam's injury, ready to help, and we are looking for that. We must highlight Abalde and Vanja, we have left Dubi in 15 minutes because Mike has helped us in the rebound, in the end we identify that the more we are, the better for this competitive demand. The more we are to help, with energy. ”