Ponsarnau: "We tried everything to return but we paid our third quarter"


The Taronja coach said after the defeat in Vitoria that “we have started thick in attack, trying to learn how to attack. In the first minutes Fall has been a great discomfort both to attack and to defend but we have remade ourselves, we have moved the team, we have better understood how to attack and we have found our game. The dynamics were good, I think that in the second quarter we have made merit to score more than those thirteen points, but they have made a great profit at the last minute and have come to the half-time with advantage. We have started the second part well but they have found inspiration and we did not just find continuity. Ilimane Diop has changed the inertia of the game and has found us without the soul that requires a game like this and they have gone. We have been trying but they were still solid and in the last five minutes we have been able to overcome and threaten but they have played the last attacks well and we have failed some open threes that would have given us some opportunity. But there are two very significant aspects that are our 20 losses and give only 7 assists”