Ponsarnau “Our most complete game of the season”


"We played a great game with a great atmosphere, with great intensity, against a great opponent and at home. I think that our willingness and capacity to fight for every ball, to match their intensity, to learn their sets during the game, to share the ball - 27 assists, to fight for every situation, makes us very happy. We think we played a very good game. Baskonia is a very uncomfortable team to play against. They managed to make their opponents' stats go down a lot because they are aggressive, know how to collapse and have a great ability to play one-on-one defense, not allowing it to be out of balance. We understood and read, in key moments, which type of defense they were using on direct screens and how to share the ball. Once we found an advantage, we had enough patience to find a good shot and they went in - those 17 three-point shots we made is a good reference. We are very happy to live this day all together. The bad thing is that the day is over and we have to look for the next game, the next challenge. If you take out the opening 5 minutes, in which our defense was wrong, I believe it was our most complete game of the season. We had our ability to learn during the game and that broke their dynamism. They are a very dynamic team with a similar philosophy to ours, in that sense. In the end, their offenses finished in one-on-one situations in which a player had to create his own shot. That gives us credit as a team, how we worked together and how much sacrifices each player made, individually."