Jaume Ponsarnau and Louis Labeyrie opinion before Fenerbahçe Beko Istanbul- Valencia Basket


The coach of Valencia Basket said before visitinh the court of Fenerbahçe Beko Istanbul that “in the last days they’re already showing signs of improvement in their competitiveness. We have to be ready to play against the best Fenerbahçe. A great team, a great roster, a great coach and a great staff are waiting for us. We have to give our best and try to try find our game, which in the end is the most important”.


Louis Labeyrie


Valencia Basket power forward Louis Labeyrie said before the game that “we are going to visit a very difficult court, of a team that in principle was called to be much higher but has not yet found its best level. In this competition if you are not 100% it is very difficult to win. They have very high level players and a great coach but we are going to try our best and try to win, as other teams have done in previous rounds”