Ponsarnau: "Happy with the mentality, we tried even though things didn't work out"


The coach Taronja commented after the game that “the first thing to congratulate Olympiacos for making a great game, they played good basketball. The level of Olympiacos today with 23 assists was good, but I am happy with the mentality of my players, they gave 100% despite things did not go out, in a game in which we did not have accuracy and with bad feelings. We tried everything, we won the rebound, and this is a sign that the mentality was good. In the game those two final offensive rebounds of them, when we had granted only four before, and those shots to the limit of possession, have been key ”.

In addition, about the atmosphere of the game, "today the public has been very strong, identifying the moment we are in, and we would like Sunday to be the same, it will be very difficult for us and we need the Fonteta"