The Valencia Basket Marketing Meeting: Our annual meeting with the sponsors


It has been when we sat down to prepare the X edition when we have been aware of the Marketing Meeting's journey for us, and also for our sponsors.

In 2011 we wanted our sponsors to have the opportunity to connect with each other, and we shaped an event in which they were the protagonists. About thirty people met to listen to our coach then and share a day at La Calderona.

There were things that were always clear to us: to frame the event in a special place, to offer our partners the possibility to connect with each other, and to make them participate in a talk related to the field in which we move.

Since then, we have been growing in quality and quantity. Nine editions in which professors, advertising and marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs have shared their history with us, and none of them has left us indifferent. In addition, the Marketing Meeting allows sponsors to know first-hand and before anyone else the news of the club and the objectives achieved.

More than 130 executives from more than 65 companies were part of the 2019 event, held in Convent Carmen with the talk of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. That afternoon, the novelty of the round table on success stories in sports sponsorship allowed all our collaborators to hear first hand the testimonies of brands that have seen in the alliance with our club a door to success.

For us, offering our sponsors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed day is much more than an event as such. It is a way of understanding that the Taronja Family goes beyond the games, the tension on the court and the sporting result, but always without losing sight of it.

One of our favorite parts is the + VINT recognition, in which we appreciate the support to companies that reach 20 years with us. The loyalty of our associated brands is the best reward for the work that every day we strive to do in the best possible way.

The tenth edition of the Marketing Meeting will be released shortly, and our entire team is already dedicated to re-creating a day in which our sponsors feel how important they are to continue making history together.