9 years with the endeavour as a flagship value in Valencia Basket


It seems that it was yesterday when in Valencia Basket we renounced the name of a sponsor on the front of the shirt. With the arrival of the Culture of Endeavour, we are committed to strengthening the social responsibility that corresponds to us as a sports entity.


Since then, every year we have ratified in it and we firmly believe that this bet has led to a change of mentality in society when thinking about Valencia Basket.


Society has changed and also the way of understanding sports sponsorship, which now goes far beyond “putting a logo on a site”. Our sponsors have been by our side during these 9 years, helping us to strengthen our message. Thanks to them we have grown and continue to do so every season.


Undoubtedly, the assessment of this bet is totally positive, and we continue working so that the image that is projected outside our club is linked to thevalues ​​that define us: responsibility, work, perseverance, endeavour.


To link a brand to the Culture of Endeavour and therefore to Valencia Basket is to add to the idea that in any aspect of life, work and endeavour isa fundamental condition for success.


Since that September 28, 2011, we have lived great moments in the Taronja family that have brought us to where we are today, one of the mostconsolidated teams at Spanish and European level. Four titles, six finals,creation of our women's section, construction and inauguration of L'Alqueria del Basket, and on the horizon the new Valencia Arena.


What lies ahead is even more interesting than what wesee when looking back, and we are sure that based on the Culture of Endeavour,more successes will come.