Ponsarnau: "They are very good, we will persist to do better"


Valencia Basket coach Jaume Ponsarnau pointed out in the previous visit of his team to the Anadolu EFES court (Thursday 12, 18: 30h, Sinan Erdem Dome, DAZN) that “they are very good, they are very good at the offensive level, We used many things from the game we played here, which were good defenses, but they had the possibility of a very good player's shot. It's about doing everything a little better, with the maximum spark, and in attack go looking for trusts. We are playing without many trusts between injuries, fatigue and many things and we are not finding the best of each. Insist and persist and see if after the confidence in defense we are finding players ”.
On the moment of the team, “we are at a point where we do not have the confidence of everyone in the world, we insist on finding it, in forcing it, but we cannot die trying, we have to find resources with people who are better. We still want to be a team of 14, but we are grabbing the confidence of the players who are better in defense, and if possible in attack. ”