Guillem Vives: "We continue to work physically and mentally to be ready"


Valencia Basket point-guard Guillem Vives makes a review of the current situation and firstly tells us about his new work routine, assuring that "I am carrying it out in the best possible way, paying close attention to the experts who recommend what there is what to do. I have a routine from Monday to Friday where I can have more or less the day organized. I am lucky that the University, the studies, I was already doing online and I can continue studying in the morning. And apart from that we have a daily physical plan for the Club”.


Since #EstoNOtienequePARAR because #EstoPasará, the entire Taronja roster continues to work individually to be ready when the ball can bounce again. Vives said that "mentally as players we have to be ready because in the end, although we do not know the date, when the experts tell us we must return and if you are better prepared, we will return better. We have an obligation as a team, as players, to be physically in good shape. It is clear that we will need time to readjust and physically we have to continue working and we cannot stop. But at the same time, mentally you have to be generating motivation, feeling, desire to return. Do not fall into discouragement, know that keep working and focusing our visions well towards points and came back in the best possible way. We have a team and a coaching staff that helps us in that, we are doing things correctly and we all stay connected. That is a very good point to be able to face the return. I think the team is eager to return, but we will wait patiently for when we return to came back with full energy”