Letter of thanks from the family of Don Martín Labarta


Below we reproduce the letter of thanks that the family of Don Martín Labarta, the eternal delegate of the field at Valencia Basket for 26 seasons, has sent us:    

"On behalf of María Rosa Oller, Iván Labarta, Sergio Labarta and David Labarta, thank you all: managers and employees of the Valencia Basket Club, journalists (press, radio, television and other digital media), AEBA Referees Association, referees and commissioners (national and international), Valencian Basketball Federation, ACB League, Spanish Basketball Federation, FiBA, Euroleague, players and ex-players of Valencia Basket / Pamesa Valencia as well as countless national and international clubs, coaches and ex-coaches, fan clubs as well as non-supporters fans, physios, doctors, physical trainers, employees of the Fuente San Luis and L'Alqueria Pavilion, people from their favorite restaurants and bars, coworkers and clients of the companies in which He worked, personal friends and a very long etcetera (excuse me because I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of people to name, but you know that you are present).

THANK YOU infinitely for all the signs of affection, respect and admiration that you have shown during these difficult days for the family, in the form of reports, radio talk shows, press articles, telephone calls, telephone messages, messages on social networks, communications and videos officers of your Valencia Basket, cards, etc. that have highlighted your affection for Martín Labarta, your partner and friend.  We are very proud to see the impact that his person has caused in the lives of so many; we never imagined, probably not even him. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the “eternal delegate”, but above all, THANK YOU on behalf of YOUR FRIEND. 

Amunt Fonteta ”