Van Rossom: "We have the illusion of competing again, but health comes first"


Valencia Basket point guard Sam Van Rossom, like the rest of his teammates, continues to work individually. A different dynamic that the Belgian playmaker confesses that “so far I am doing quite well. We try to change workouts every day even though we are limited in the work we can do right now. But alternating exercises, not doing the same things every day, we get along well. Right now we cannot work 100% as we want but the Club has done everything possible so that we can keep fit in the best possible way. It is clear that we all would like to compete but the first thing is the health of the whole world. It motivates, although on the one hand we still do not know if we can play or not, but we have the illusion of playing again, of doing the things we like to do again. And so we continue to stay in shape”.