Raquel Carrera returns to Valencia Basket to stay


#EstoNOtienequePARAR and the Valencia Basket women's project is already looking to the future. After another season improving results, achieving the first victory in a Queen's Cup, reaching fourth position in the regular league and quarterfinals in the Eurocup Women, Rubén Burgos' team begins to take steps to continue with the upward line in 2020-21.

With that objective, Valencia Basket will count on its squad next season with Raquel Carrera (1.89, 18 years old) who with a 4-year contract ahead, will face her second participation in the Endesa Women's League as a Taronja player after her loan last year to RPK Araski in which it has been his debut at the highest level. After her fast establishment in the top league, the player will have the opportunity to keep growing at the Fonteta and go one step further in her promising progression.