Ponsarnau: "Our rhythm and accuracy in the third quarter have decided the game"


Coach Jaume Ponsarnau pointed out after the victory of his team that “I think we have started well, with rhythm, with accuracy, with players who were finding imbalances. The beginning of Fernando has given us a lot of solidity and a lot of consistency. We have entered with good feelings. Herbalife Gran Canaria has not collapsed and has also found talent and inspiration in the first half to level the game and put the game level in the second half. But we had a lot of players involved and the feelings in that regard were positive. The third quarter was very good, we have had a streak of rhythm and accuracy that has decided the game. It was only to avoid Gran Canaria finding these shooting streaks, they are a team capable of finding them. I think we have been able to control quite well and even in the end we have been able to dose our forces a little bit and qualify for the semifinals ”.