Nikola Kalinic, already in Valencia: "I liked the atmosphere of Fonteta and the city"


Nikola Kalinic (2.03m, Subotica (Serbia), 08/11/1991, 28 years old) is already in Valencia after arriving late on Thursday from Belgrade, with a stopover in Paris, so the process that should take him will begin to become a new Valencia Basket player for next season.

Just arrived, he made his first statements, “we hope that with this new team we can be very successful, I think very good players have been hired, I think we have a young and athletic team that wants to compete, that wants to win, and I hope we can get through it. good and win together ”.

Regarding his adaptation to the team, “yes, I was able to speak with the coach, although well, at the high level we all know each other more or less, there are not many secrets, and he sees me with a role similar to Fenerbahce, maybe running a little more with a little more freedom in attack, so I hope we have a great season, we had several games played with Valencia last year and I can say that I like the city, I like the public… so we'll see ”.